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  1. hira
    hira December 27, 2014 at 3:12 am |

    Future Work-plan

    My prior work was related to myself as how I see things and I captured my memories in a 24/7 routine. In which I tried to show my emotions through composition and shapes. Now I want to continue that work BUT apart from focusing on myself I am expanding the horizon and would like to show how I feel about the Uncertainty amongst people and the Hope left in Pakistan through shapes and compositions. I will title my project “Raat abhi jawan hai Jani” literal meaning “there is still hope left in our country”.
    Uncertainty in the city life always hurts me. Frustrated life and chaos situation which is scattered everywhere in Pakistan now has ended the trust among fellow citizen. A faith which is very necessary for a communal or social life has lost its roots because of the ambiguity and unlawful activities in our cities. Being an artist it is my responsibility to change the perception of a viewer and to develop a trust and faith between people. I fancy, people reclaim their life by spending quality time together and I feel like adding the colors of social gathering which were a by-part of life sometimes earlier. I will do that through the colors and objects which I paint and a trust and hope should be developed again amongst the people of Pakistan.
    Through my visuals I wish to bring hope among people. The shiny streets and roads covered with sparkling lights of sign boards and blushing cheeks of people in the evenings. I am going to make part of my art work through first share colors and visuals of timely enjoying people. I want to convey the message of hope.
    I will now utilize everything I learnt from Printmaking to miniature and from Painting to Sculpture. I am thinking of combining Printmaking with Miniature and Painting (both oil and water color).

    Hira Khalid


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