Salary Increase in Budget 2020-21 and other Benefits for Govt. Employees

Preparations for annual fiscal budget for year 2020-21 are on its way and the hot issue for Govt. employees is to know that how much salaray is increasing and how much other benefits they will receive in the anual budget. This event is long awaited and employees pray and hope to get best raise in pay. Last year, i.e in the budget of 2019-20, employees were disappointed to get mere 5 and 10% increment in salary.

Salary Increase and Other Benefits in Budget 2020-21

There are lots of possibilities that the Govt. can do to make the employees happy. However since no final decision has been taken, we can discuss the possibilities for the budget. A few of the possibilities can be as follows

Relief in Tax for Salary Persons

Government can increase the minimum slab for income tax deduction. This step will ease the employees with low wages.

Pension Increase 2020 @??%

Other than acting employees, pensioners also wait anxiously for the bidget announcement. Pensioners are the most hit persons with inflation that they must be given a good relief.

Increase in Family Pension

Other than the primary pensioners, the people receiving family pension also need a relief in this budget.

Minimum Pension for Pensioners

Last year, govt increased the minimum pension and same is being expected in this budget.

Adhoc Relief Allowance 2020

A new adhoc relied allowance 2020 is expected to be awarded to the employees.

Changes to House Rent allowance

A possible suggestion for the increase in compensation to employees can be the increase in the house rent allowance.

Scale Revision 2020

One best thing that govt can do is to revise the pay scales. Pay scales were last revised in the year 2017 and and pay scale revision is due for this part. This step will not only help acting employees, but will also put a smile of the faces of the employees who are going to retire in near future.

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