Salary Increase in Budget 2022-23 for Govt. Employees

As soon as the month of June starts, the preparations for annual fiscal budget also starts and Govt. employees are seen talking about raise in the wages. And why not, this is the time which they wait for all the year. Day to day stuff is getting expensive on daily basis and everyone wants to live a life if comfort and luxury. But this luxury is not available for the Govt. employees since the rate at which their pay increase is usually slower than the rate at which their wages increase. This fiscal year 2022-23, employees are in desperate need for a big increase in salary.

Salary Increase in Budget 2022-22

There are lots of way that government can make the employees happy. However since no final decision has been taken, we can discuss the possibilities for the budget. A few of the possibilities can be as follows

Relief in Tax for Salary Persons

The limit taxable income can be increased so that there is less burden of tax on workers who are low paid.

Pension Increase 2022-23

Pensioners are more affected by the dearness and need a relief which makes their life easy. We are looking forward to the govt to know that how much the relief will be provided to these pensioners.

Increment in Family Pension 2022-23

Besides primary pensioners, the people receiving family pension also need a relief in this budget.

Increase in Minimum Pension for Pensioners 2022-23

A welcome decision will be to increase the minimum pension and increasing it to a point where it can at least fulfill kitchen needs for these pensioners.

Adhoc Relief Allowance 2022-23

A new adhoc relief allowance 2022 is expected to be awarded to government employees.

Raise in House Rent Allowance

House rents have sky rocketed in last few years so the government workers should be compensated accordingly.

Pay Scale Revision 2022

One best thing that govt can do is to revise the pay scales in 2022. Pay scales were last revised in the year 2017 and and pay scale revision is due for many years now. Pay scale revision will help specially two categories of employees, firstly, it will improve the basic pay of new recruited artisans and secondly, it will increase the total benefits for employees who are getting retired in near future.

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