NTS Test Recruitment, Admission Datesheet, Result

National Testing Service – Pakistan (NTS) is a testing organization. NTS conducts tests and assessments for admissions, scholarships, recruitment and promotion purposes. NTS is governed by a Board of Governors of NTS. NTS was established in July 2002 due to need for a testing service in the National Education Policy (1998-2010) and the Information Technology (IT) Policy of Government of Pakistan (GoP). NTS test and assessment are now pre-requisite of many prime public and private sector engineering, medical and other colleges, universities and institutions. Test is conduct for admission, scholarships and recruitment. NTS has completed more than 13 years of its journey.

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NTS Test Admission Recruitment Scholaships

NTS Test for Job and Recruitment

NTS test for job recruitment and assessment of the candidates is done time to time. There are different criteria set by the recruiting organizations and NTS test helps these organizations scale and sort the applicants. Different organizations from government and private sector utilize the expertise of National Testing Service.

NTS Test for Admission in Universities

NTS also conducts tests for students so that they can get admission in public and private universities of Pakistan. Students takes these tests and then the result of these NTS tests taken by students are used in to calculate marks for merit list.


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List of Active NTS Tests and their related information

Government of The Punjab, School Education Department
(Recruitment Test) Phase-1

Test For Following Posts Only
Elementary School Educator (BPS-9)
Elementary School Educator (Science-Math)(BPS-9)
Secondary School Educator (Chemistry) (BPS-16)
Secondary School Educator (Computer Science) (BPS-16)
Secondary School Educator (Mathematics) (BPS-16)
Senior Elementary School Educator (DM) (BPS-14)
Senior Elementary School Educator (Mathematics) (BPS-14)
Senior Elementary School Educator (PET) (BPS-14)

Test Dates : Friday 18th, Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th March, 2016